12th Gwangju biennale 2018 " imagined border " invited me to exhibit my art work at creation gallery 2 of ACC.

from 9.7〜11.11
Curator Mansoek Kim, he his Korean independent creator, curates creation gallery under the theme " The Art of Survival: Assembly, Sustainability, Shift ". He had visetied me while my staying Busan to participate to group exhibition " Nuclear dream 2 ", he offered me to exhibit my art work at biennale. And also he offered me to stay about half year in Gwangju. Though he wanted to ship my serial paintings about 3.11 which I've made in Japan, I started to make paintings about testimonies of survivors from Japanese army sex slave system. Actually I didn't imange that I could exhibit this sensitive art work, but after letting him watch sample paintings of this, he allowed me to take place in biennale. My honor and pleasure. I would like to express thanks to Ken Awazu; art director of KEN located Sangenjyaya Tokyo and has kept surported me, Yuka Okamoto; editor and member of WAM, she introduced me to Korean Artist's exhibition and let my eyes open to Japanese war time criminal issues. I relied on alomost informations about testimonies of survivors from WAM (Women's Active Museum on War and Peace), JongA Bang; Korean female painter, she introduced me to curator Mansoek Kim. And especially curator Mansoek Kim's courage and effort to corporate with me. I put link to introduction page of artists list who particpate beneath.
you can see my name in the list "JongA Bang + Akira Tsuboi", but we don't make collaborate, exhibit independently.

Gwangju Biennale Foundation 111 Biennale-ro, Buk-gu,
Gwangju, 61104 Republic of KOREA
TEL 82-62-608-4114

I stay in Gwangju til biennale closing. while exhibition I stay in gallery 2 as possible as I can from 0 p.m.


exhibition I joining " nuclear dream 2 " will move to
Guangju Eunnum musium from Busan democracy memorial park exhibition hall from 4.11. 

Park Geon ( miniature )

Park Miwha (statue)

Hong Sungdam ( painting )

Bang Jeongah ( painting )

Jeon Culkyo ( painting )

Jung Jungyeob

KBS documentary " Akira's Busan diary "


9.23 (SAT) and 24 (SUN) 2017, KEN located in Sangen - jyaya Tokyo will hold my exhibition " Tokyo report Vol.9 ".

I would like to say thanks to Ken Awazu the producer of KEN for having supported my expression in so many aspects.
As I'll join to the exhibition in Busan of Korea next year and make new paint at Busan for months, my exhibition in Japan will be not planned for a while. I hope you'll come.

23th Guest : Sun-Ae Choi ( pianist, korea-roote d Japanese )
Show of animation of my paint with her playing piano Baltok.
Talk session

24th Guest : Masami Morikawa ( poet )
Morikawa's poetry reading in front of my paintings with my improvisation piano.

start 3 P.M

5.10th 2017, Tokyo University of Foreign studies will hold guest lecture by me "ABOUT POTENTIALITIES OF BEING STRANGER" and my3 days exhibition.

Socilogy lecturere Lee RyongKyong from Korea in TUF offered me this chance after her visiting to KEN's exhibition 3.11 this year. She does "Doing peace studies " in TUF. I would like to say thanks for her. And also thanks to honorary doctrate of TUF Toshio Nakano for supporting me. I'll talk about communication through my way of making paints of 3.11, exhibition in streets and lost Japanese custom regariding earthquake.
Big honor to me. opened to anyone.

Every saturday and sunday March 2017 from 3.11, KEN located in Sangen-jyaya Tokyo will hold my exhibition.
"Akira Tsuboi Tokyo Report Vol.6 TRACES BEING ERASED"

part 1 / the story of singbord " NUCLEAR, WONDEFUL FUTRE ENERGY " used to stand in Futaba-machi near Fukushima-daiichi.
GUEST : Yuji Ohnuma (used to live in Futaba near fromFukushima until 3.11, sentence maker of sign board when he was child.)

part2 / " sounds of traces "
Guest : Sun-Ae Choi ( pianist, korea-rooted Japanese )

artist talk by me.

part 1 / talk by Matachi Ohishi " Matachi Ohishi wathes serial tripytich MUSU-BUTSU ".
GUEST : Matashichi Ohishi (survivor of lucky dragon No.5 accitdent in 1954.)

part2 / talk event " connecting traces "
Guest : Kazuya Yasuda ( curator of Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibition Hall)

open 2 p.m
close 7p.m

event start from 3 p.m pay 1,500
without event pay 1,000
I'll stay in KEN every day.

2017.1.5th-2.12th, exhibition of my art will be held at Nuisance galerie (Suido-bashi Tkyo). Named " Akira Tsuboi The carnival "


2016.12.10-11th, 2 days exhibition of my art will be held at KEN (Sangen-gyaya). Named " Akira Tsuboi exhibition TOKYO REPORT vol.5 "


2016.10.1~11.12 Maruki gallery located in Higashi - Matsuyama of Saitama pref' will have my exhibition
" Akira Tsuboi PAINTING 3.11 the series of triptych Musu-butsu ".
Thanks for curator Yukinori Okamura of Maruki museum.
I'll show 12 panels which can be shown at this time.

During exhibition :
●10.22th from 2 P.M
I've invited a monk Atsuo Hayakawa living in Naraha- machi to let him talk about what he has been experiencing until now. He fought against TEPCO to the highest court to make Fukushima's Nuke stop with anxiety of earthquake, Tsunami and defeated 2007. Paradoxically his defeating, 3.11 happened.
3.11 made his town became no-enter zone. He experienced how nuclear disaster harm weak person and ordinary people.

●10.29th from 2 P.M
I'll talk about my work

●11.5th from 2 P.M
Miho Okazaki (poet reader) will read my picture book.I make background sound.