Mu shu butsu

oil on wood boards( 3 pieces of 31300o×980o )
2011.8〜( still in making : this condition is 2013 7.25)
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In August 2011
in Tokyo Regional court,
the counsel for the defense of TEPCO said
"The radioactive substances that adhere to the greens and fairways are not ours,
they belong to nobody,
they are 'No Owner Substances'=Mu shu butsu."




A very, very cold day it was.
It was a winter's day.



Suddenly, a huge earthquake occurred, then a huge Tsunami occurred.
So many things, so many people in this place were broken and swallowed by Tsunami.

By the earthquake,
the Gigantic man-made Heart was broken and distorted.
For long years, this heart was said to be safe,
and almost all of the people believed so.



So much poison came out from this Gigantic Heart,
and spread around and polluted the surround.


their names known to nobody,
rushed into the Gigantic Heart to repair,
staying known to nobody bathed in poison.





People were freezing.


He decided to cut a big man-made artery
which came from the Gigantic man-made Heart
and was connected to his stomach
with a Katana knife.

As he cut,
a lot of warm warm blood filled with plenty of nutrition fell on the ground,
and a tiny pond of blood emerged.





This blood
which kept him warm and brought plenty of nutrition to him for long years was
soaked up from the men known to nobody,
then stored in the Gigantic man-made Heart.


For a long long time this Gigantic man-made Heart
had sent blood gathered like this to society.
It was the Gigantic Heart's role.
Tons of blood made his body warm and huge like a little mountain.
He put on summer shirt.
As he felt no cold because of tons of warm blood.



Animals came here
to get warm from the tiny hot pond made from the blood spread on the ground.


Cow came.
Horse came.
Pig came.
Chicken came.
Dog came.
Cat came too.

Wild boar came.
Bear came.
Deer came.
Monkey came.
Rabbit came too.

Fat greenling.
Kuro soi.
Righteye flounder.
Japanese Spanish. Mackerel.
Black porgy.
Red snapper.
Kemushi kajika.
Komon kasube.
Black tuna.
Sea bass.

Fresh water trout.
Rainbow trout.
Landlocked masu salmon.
Japanese dace.
Crucian carp.


Narcissus flycatcher.
Blue-and-white flycacher.






These Animals
had lost their master and were released from chain, then came out.

They were kept in the place,
which was polluted by too much poison for human beings to be prohibited to leave.

As their master
could not take them when he left,
he set his animals free from chain to find food for themselves.

It was a first experience for these animals.
Animals whose master forgot to let them free
from lack of food.


As mountains had been polluted by poison,
worried animals living in the mountains came as couples.
As the ocean had been polluted by poison too,
troubled fishes came as couples too.
Lakes too.
Various birds, frogs and butterflies
came too.

These animals bathed in much poison,
as well as men known to nobody.



This poison was a poison
which breaks the form of the living body.


the form of a child's body.


Parents of animals and fishes
gathered around the pond of blood
hoping that their babies would be born with healthy bodies.

The design of life without disorder
was born from the pond.

As these animals,
the parents of human beings gathered with the same feeling.




A couple came with baby around him.






A couple, the wife pregnant, came together too.






A girl
was looking at the surface of the pond sitting between the dogs
near the Big Man.


Her father and mother
came to quarrel everyday after the poison had come out.

As this poison can not be
seen by eye,
smelt by nose,
tasted by tongue,
her mother said
"Let's escape from here" from anxiety,
her father said
"There is not poison around us"
they came to a heavy quarrel.

She came to visit here alone
as she didn't want to hear their loud quarreling voices





Junior high school boy came too.


He came to search for the danger of poison alone
then realized.

His father,
his mother
didn't know about it.

One morning in this place
his school friend had died in bed.
His heart stopped suddenly.

"Can I,"
"Can I sustain my life till I become adult?"

he had come to think like so





Junior high school girl came too.


She had bathed in poison in this place.
With her father, she went to a doctor in this place,
the doctor said that
two deseases had emerged in her throat.
it had been said that these diseases
were difficult to find ordinarily.
But the doctor said to her
not to be anxious.

After that,

her father brought her to a doctor
living in a city far from this place.
He said that
innumerable diseases had emerged in her throat.

"I will die alone."

She came to say.



A high school couple came.


They were childhood friends.

The boy's mother made him take a water bottle.
In it non-polluted water was put.
The water for drinking in this place was polluted.
His mother did it from anxiety.

A teacher found it as he was at school.
Then he said to the boy and his mother.
“At our school we don't admit this kind of behavior.”

The boy was then bullied by classmates.
They said to him

Before they had known this,
it had been difficult to mention their anxiety about the poison
and difficult to defend themselves from poison.

The girl
had said just only to this boy about her anxiety,





Two classmates
of the girl sitting by the pond
had been swallowed by the Tsunami.


The girl and the swallowed friends were very close.

Though they had lost their bodies,
they were looking at her in sadness in the polluted place.
They felt sorry.
they came to the pond with transparent bodies.

"Live with spirit for us."

They said.
Their voices could only be heard by a few.




Almost no one knew the poison was poisonous.
It can not be seen,
it can not be tasted,
it can not be smelt,
it can not bring sudden death to every person.


it was actually poison.



From long ago,
the men known to nobody
have wiped up the condensated poison exuded from the Gigantic Heart
like sweat,
then they got polluted deeply by the poison.
Poison broke their bodies.

And some of them had died
as known to nobody.


once people knew it was poison,
the fact
"every gigantic heart is in danger"
would be revealed.
So there had been adults who tried to hide the danger.

For a long time
those who had been trusted in by the people,
powerful persons from powerful countries
who were trying to construct gigantic hearts
had connected huge man-made artery to their stomachs
got much warmth and plenty of nutrition
from the gigantic heart secretly
for a long time.





So even when the poison came out, they hid its danger and poison.
They used boxes which had been trusted in by people for a long time, too.
Then they let these boxes speak,

"If you got polluted,
it will never harm your body."

By letting the boxes repeat saying so,
they had tried to make the people believe in it.

poison was poison.
Deseases which should not have been found in children emerged.







A mother with child who had got started to walking alone
rushed to this place.


As her husband,
did not understand that poison was poison anyway,
she had left to the place where poison had not reached with only her child.


One more
a mother who had started living in the non-polluted place
rushed to this place,
for heavy exhaustion she let her knee fall down on the ground.


To the place very far from the polluted place
various garbage might have been polluted by poison were sent from this place.


Instead of escape from poison,
she didn't make her child polluted.
From only this anxiety mothers came to this place



All of the gathering had heard a story.
So they came to the place.

"A man is there,
he is making a strange balloon.
In this balloon
a special gas which is much much lighter than hydrogen is infused.
Hydrogen is the lightest gas on the earth.
So once man can grab the balloon,
anybody can fly away from this polluted place.
To let people escape from this polluted place
this man is giving balloons to people."

This was the story they heard.





The old white haired Big Man had stretched a 3rd arm from his body

and he was giving balloons to people.
sunlight started to shine and shine and
the sun rose up.
From long long ago,
The sun had not risen in this place.
He had cut all of the huge man-made artery and
made a pond made from blood.
From this pond he made balloons and
started giving them out.

The balloons' color was red.






He gave balloons to every one,
girl, father, mother, baby, junior high school boy and girl, high school boy and girl,
and bride.

In the shining sunlight
every every person flew up
leaving the place where they were born and have grown.



Nobody knew where they would go to.
they flew away,


this contaminated place.